Friday, 30 December 2011

December is a good month for zines

To think this time last year, I had NO zines, and now my little zine box is bursting with them. My magpie eyes have been ordering online, I have also done a few trades, and had a few zines for Christmas. December seems a great month for zines, and my little letter box has been very happy.

This package came from my new pen pal Deirdree from 'Gag me with a...' Zine/ Peter Lorre is dead productions. I was absolutely ecstatic as I opened it up to find all these little treasures and gorgeous zines, along with beautiful artwork and a sweet letter. This really made my day as I had been having a really hard week. 'Gag me with a...' is definitely one of my favourite zines <3

My lovely boyfriend took note and got me these 4 zines as part of my Christmas present. Here I have The plural of deer is deer, Dig deep #1, Dancing Zine and Culture Slut #18. 

I also got some great trades, Gone to Space poetry zine by my lovely friend Cally, How do you take it? #1,2,3 and 4! and Damaged mentality #1.

Then today, I got my order from the wonderful Marching Stars Distro. Culture Slut #23 & #25, and Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2, which I plan to read this afternoon.

I also got some exciting news about Elderflower Tea too. The Gorgeous Deirdree is not only including my letter to Miranda July in Gag me with a... #5, but she also wants to take copies of my zine to LA zine fair! I am still so stoked... When I made Elderflower Tea, I didn't expect many people to like it, as 'twee' is not always peoples cup of tea. I also gave myself such a hard time over a few errors and was ready to give up. To know that people have enjoyed Elderflower Tea so much has given me many, many smiles, and the confidence to keep it going.

Wishing the few who visit my little corner of the interwebs a MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS, and a fabulous 2012!

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