Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Last day of Internation Zine Month

Well, it is the last day of July, and so the last day of International Zine Month. I didn't get to celebrate in all the ways I had intended - mainly due to not finishing work until mid July - but I did celebrate nonetheless. So what did I do? I ordered zines from a different place. I read a lot of zines, mainly ones I had gotten from fight boredom distro , I completed a 24hr zine titled 'Rain in July' and wrote to a bunch of zinesters I love.

So, my 24hr zine 'Rain in July' will be coming along to Little Zine Party which is when everyone will see it! I decided to go with the theme of Miranda July - because it is July after all! I'll be open to trades after LZP, if there are any copies left.

So, Little Zine Party is just a few days away. I'm starting to feel a little anxious, worrying things will go wrong. I have been spending time making bunting to hang up in the area we are using and practising reading outloud from my zine. I feel like that will be the biggest part for me - to actually talk to a group of people, to read my words to them. I always shake and stumble over my words when I read to other people... it's one of those things I try to avoid - but right now I'm trying to challenge a bunch of stuff that makes me anxious, and this is one of them.

The Screen Printing Workshop has been cancelled - but I'm not too worried about that. Sure, it would have been great, but it's not the end of the world. The Zine Making Workshop will still go ahead - I need to go into town today to buy some supplies for that. If anyone coming along to the party has any old books or magazines they'd like cut up and share with others, then please do bring them! I want this event to have a real community feel - everyone coming together and sharing knowledge, skills and stories. That would be truly wonderful. 

The Little Zine Party badges I ordered came a few weeks ago, they are really sweet and I can't wait to give them out. I also received a bunch of weirdo manifestos from the lovely Maranda of Telegram Zine to hand out to folks too - this is really special as they came all the way from Canada - spreading the good weirdo word! 

The day after LZP I will be flying out to Barcelona with my beau - I really cannot wait for this trip. I think Elderflower Tea #4 will be all about my adventures in Barcelona, as well as LZP. I plan to take my journal every where I go on our trip, I want to document everything so I can write about the experience and memories.

That's all for now! 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hello International Zine Month!

Well, July is here, and all us zinesters know that now is the time for celebrating all things Zine! This time last year I was going to Zine fairs and admiring other peoples Zines... now I am feeling like I'm part of all the shenanigans - Elderflower Tea #3 is finished, I'm taking part in the 24hr Zine Thing challenge, and I'm hosting Little Zine Party in August! Phew!

I'll be starting my 24hr Zine pretty soon & I cannot wait! In the meantime, Elderflower Tea #3 is now finished, and yours for just £2 (inc P+P) If you would like a copy, then email me elderflower-tea AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk & we'll talk paypal or trades! This copy will also be available from Marching Stars Distro in the very near future.

As for Little Zine Party - We'll have 4 fabulous people selling zines (including 2 distros!) A zine making workshop and a screen printing workshop (£2 donation & bring yr own swag to print on) We'll also be having a moment of quiet for the Zine reading. I really hope it'll be a wonderful afternoon with plenty to offer outside of the main Zine fairs around the UK. If you would like to come along, or even put your name down for the Zine reading, then please email me at the above address.

That is pretty much all I have to say right now. I wish you all a very happy International Zine Month! & tell me about your Zine celebrating!