Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I wanted to cycle into town today to get some zines printed for Marching Stars distro. It is raining hard, and I hate cycling in the rain. It's not so bad, but on a cold, windy day it is the last thing I want to do. Rain in my eyes with wind coming at me really freaks me out. It's like how it freaks me out to look up at the sky when it's snowing heavily. It looks like the sky is falling down.

So I told myself 'Okay, do some zine writing, be productive'.

It is 12.51pm and I'm still in my pj's...

I'm looking through tumblr, trying to find some inspiration for Elderflower Tea.

I've been reading my Doris Anthology on and off for weeks - Trying to savour it. I'm on #15 now, the Anti-depression guide. I'm finding it useful.

Invincible Summer Anthology 1 came at the weekend, I've been flicking through, trying not to read it. I want to wait until I have finished Doris.

I'm feeling an increasing need for adventure, a long lasting one. Day adventures are fun too, but I want more time to explore. I read about people travelling around on buses, visiting different cities, meeting people they write to, and I want to be one of those people doing that too.


  1. I want to order the Invincible Summer Anthology too! For some reason Doris is taking me ages, probably because I keep dipping in and out of it and reading the odd little story here and there, which is probably why it's so good!

  2. I dipped in and out of it too. I got it not long after Christmas and finished it last week. I agree, reading the odd little story is lovely. James and I took turns reading each other bits of it when I first got it. Then I got greedy and read most of it at home, haha! The Invincible Summer one is lovely, but doesn't take long to read at all as it's mostly comic strips, so I've been limiting myself to a few pages each day. I just ordered the Doris Encylopedia too! I wish there were more zine anthologies around :)