Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Janet Store order #1

Hello friends,

My Janet Store order came today. It's actually the second order I made, and has arrived before the first (so expect another post when that one arrives)

These are the things I ordered. The plushies are super cute. (sorry the image is the wrong way, the original is the right way, blogger won't let me change it)

These are things from the $10 grab bag. These bits I am fairly pleased with. The Hello Kitty charm looks a bit evil though... But she's dressed as a runner, and my boyfriend is a runner! 

These are also from the grab bag, or freebies, either way I'm definitely not overjoyed with having them. I think if I ever order a grab bag again, I will go with the 'Sanrio only' option. 

Overall I am happy I ordered from Janet Store. This order took about 8 days, though  it arrived before my first order. I think I would order from there again in the future - they stock things you can't always get in the UK (such as the plushies) or if you can then they are £££'s. I think I actually got more for my £ by ordering outside the UK than I would if I had ordered here. 

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