Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Poor little abandoned Zine blog. I swear I had better intentions. I feel like anything I do have to share with you guys, ends up going into my zine. So if I wrote it all here, I'd just be repeating myself and boring you all silly. If anyone reads this place, anyhow.

So Elderflower Tea #3 is well and truly on the way. I'm hoping it'll be finish by the end of June. This issue will include my thoughts on being 'twee' and hiding from depression, cats, roller skating, pen palling & play lists. Elderflower Tea has taken more of a perzine turn in this issue, I'm moving away from all the whimsical and adding things from every day life. I've realised that is what I enjoy more when looking at zines, reading about peoples stories, adventures, happiness, struggles, love, pets and whatnot.

Also, after having one of those 'what if I organised a small zine event?' conversations with my partner, I've found myself actually doing it. Little Zine Party will be taking place at Ort Cafe, Birmingham on August 4th. I'll have a webpage and e-flyer up soon, so keep watching. What will be happening at Little Zine Party? Well, I'm hoping for an intimate gathering of zinester folks, selling zines, having a zine workshop and zine reading. There may also be a screen printing workshop too. I'm really excited about it, but also nervous that I might not pull it off. Hey ho!

In other news, after going to roller disco a few weeks a go, I went ahead and got myself a pair of roller skates! I want to go as often as I can as it is something I really want to get into. My birthday is coming up next month and I plan to go to roller disco with my friends to celebrate. This weekend I'll be going to Field Day festival -super excited- plus I get to see my brother! I went to 2 zine fairs this month, but I have little much to say about them.

All in all, life is okay, especially now the sunshine is here!

Toodles! xx

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  1. Hi hun, thought I'd drop by your blog, I've had almost no online presence lately which sucks. Just to let you know your blog IS being read! Sounds like you're having fun right now, rollerskating looks so fun. Look forward to swapping with you again soon, and I will write to you soon too!