Monday, 9 January 2012

Elderflower Tea #2 Update

I love crappy webcam photos.

Here it is! #2 of Elderflower Tea! I got to cycle into town on Lola which felt great. At the library the guy with the beard and lip piercing was helping me at the copier, he said 'You're not one of those trendy bloggers are you?' I told him no, and that this was my zine. He then said 'Are those the published things? I don't know much about them because I am cool'. I gave an awkward smile then told him I knew what to do with the copier next... 

So, what can I tell you about Elderflower Tea #2? Well, the layout and overall look is much, much cleaner. There aren't many spelling mistakes and nothing has been cut off (YAY!). In this issue I talk about what I did in 2011, and what I hope 2012 will bring. I also talk about a personal subject for the first time which is about sensitivity. I also talk about zines, my bicycle & other fluffy things. 


  1. hey! i'd love read yr zine, both #1 & #2! would you like to trade with me? i write a zine called your pretty face is going straight to hell... xx tukru

  2. hey tukru! i'd love to! you run vampire sushi distro, right? email me your address & i'll put them both in the post to you this week.