Thursday, 10 November 2011


Just a quick update.
My ribbon came. I got inky fingers, but got everything working smoothly. Now I'm trying not to bang the keys so hard on my laptop.

There is something romantic about my setting tonight. I'm sitting on my bedroom floor, listening to the delightful sounds of Jonsi & Alex, drinking green tea, banging away on my typewriter. It is dark outside, and I am surrounded by zine making things.

Good vibes.

What are you doing?

So, it is around 6 hours since I started putting together my text. I've now typed everything I had ready, and have assembled 8 pages! I am really please with it so far, but now a little worried as I have 8 pages to go and very few ideas to fill the rest of the zine.

I'm going to sit in bed and look at a few zines I have, hope for inspiration to hit me, or at least to wake up tomorrow with something more to write about.


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