Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm full of cold and headachey, but happy.
I have sent out a bunch of zines to people, and have had a few give me some feedback. Overall, everyone has been very positive about Elderflower Tea, they liked the content, the layouts, and didn't mind that it was a bit rough. I'm really happy with this, and it has made me feel confident that I can produce another issue soon.

I had another issue of Not Lonely come yesterday, with a letter and stickers from the lovely Hannah. It made me smile so much, and it is refreshing to get fun mail again, instead of bank statements etc. I've been having loads of fun writing letters to people to send out with my zine. I forgot how great penpalling is!

I want to write a couple of zine reviews soon, but I'll do this when I don't feel like my eyes will pop out of my head.

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