Monday, 14 November 2011

The finish line is almost in sight.
I had a few pages left, and began to worry I had no more ideas. I didn't want the last few pages to seem like they were crammed with thoughtless fillers.

I did a lot of socialising this weekend, and began to think about friendship. This turned into a conversation with my partner, and I decided to write about forming friendships in the last few pages. I have tried to make this topic insightful - sharing my own experiences and anxiety when it comes to speaking to people and making friends. I'm hoping to bang this out on my typewriter tomorrow, and then it is finished. Hopefully I can get to the library on Wednesday to make my copies.

The very final part is my introduction. I'm not sure what to write here. I know I should essentially introduce myself and my zine. . . but where to start? I'm not even sure what category of zine it falls under. I think perhaps Perzine, however it does not contain intimate details of my life - It is more a narrative of my own thoughts, which are often idyllic and vague...

I did a bit of collaging over the weekend. I attended a 48Sheet event, which was a social collaging type shindig, and then an arts party which had a 'Bring dead pop stars back to life' collaging area set up. This consisted of print outs of dead pop stars, and sparkles, sequins, felt pens and glue to decorate them.
Anyways, this encouraged me to do a little collage of the looovely Miranda July in my zine, which goes alongside a little bit of writing I did about her.

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