Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I have Royal Mail blues. I get it a lot.
I was hoping the ribbon for my typewriter would arrive today, So I could finally type out my pieces and start putting things together. I had the day off, what a better way to spend it? Well, no. No ribbon for me today. It's okay really. Maybe tomorrow?

Instead I put together a few pages, decorated them and such, ready for the text to be put on. This was fun, but I don't want to make anything permanent until the text is really to be glued on. Le sigh. I ended up doing some washing, and watching a few episodes of Daria, and drinking a lot of tea.

Oh happy subjects, I had a couple of replies from my pen pal request on We Make Zines. I'm looking forward to putting some fun packages together for these people, and writing silly things.

I have been thinking of how I will get my zine printed. I've managed to keep it on 1 A3 sheet, double sided, 16 pages in total. This should be straight forward to copy, and I've been thinking of using the public photocopier at the local library. I had thought of using Footprint in Leeds, but I don't think I can afford to use professional printers right now, plus I kind of want to physically put the pages together myself, rather than having someone else do it. I've thought of doing a run of 15/20 copies for now, and keeping a master copy on standby in case I need more.

Those are all my thoughts today.


  1. Hey Sarah,
    not sure if it'll be much use but I started this discussion on WMZ about printing and stuff, and how people get their zines done:
    Hope it helps! And I LOVE Daria! Which episodes did you watch? :D

  2. Hey Lee, thanks very much! I'll take a look now. I watched some of season one on youtube. Esteemers, The F word and Mulled. I haven't watched it for about 10 years! x